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In line to vote. Long, but peo…

In line to vote. Long, but people are patient so far.

RT @ReutersLegal: U.S. legal s…

RT @ReutersLegal: U.S. legal sector gained 600 #jobs in October http://t.co/2QL3lYkT by @nateraymond


My joke today about Justice Brennan screaming this was probably too obscure for most of you. Here’s the video clip from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, which I was making an homage to:


RT @SLULAW: Been on Wikipedia …

RT @SLULAW: Been on Wikipedia lately? (Let’s be honest, we all have.) One of SpearIt’s papers is cited in this article, footnote 10 http …

SLU faculty vote no confidence…

SLU faculty vote no confidence in Father Lawrence Biondi: http://t.co/DPqALxGN via @STLtoday

We are all geeky

I’m not the only federal courts professor who loves the class . . . espinsegall: 15! Oh you want truth?“@YoungdruB: @espinsegall If/When I take fed cts next semester on a scale of 1-10, how much fun will we be having?” Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/espinsegall/status/263397768524099584 Sent via TweetDeck (www.tweetdeck.com)

Zomney. I love Joss Whedon. ht…

Zomney. I love Joss Whedon. https://t.co/Z3L44fsH


Ok, not really, but I love Jenny Lawson.

Podcasts for Criminal Law

There are two podcasts covering the materials in this unit of criminal law on inchoate crimes and doctrines of imputation. We actually won’t get to one of the doctrines of imputation until after our second quiz. So if you’re using these to review, don’t worry about the act requirement yet. Have a good break!



Tech Talk: iPhone 5

So, I’m late to the party on this, but only because I’m so old I can’t stay up past 10 pm and too cheap to pay for TV, so I don’t see Saturday Night Live when it’s actually on. Here’s an awesome skit about iPhone complaints and the workers who make them.

Tech Talk: iPhone 5 SNL

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