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Bernie Goetz in his own words

Goetz on Turning Point with Frank MacKay

The Benefits of Paternity Leave

Given our discussion in my seminar on Tuesday about parental leave, gender, and feminism, this timely article in the Atlantic seemed worth sharing:

Liza Mundy, Daddy Track: The Case for Paternity Leave 

Writing Contest–Workplace Law

Current students: Do you have a paper on a workplace law topic that you wrote for a seminar, directed research or for one of our law journals that is not submitted for publication? Think about submitting it to the Louis Jackson Memorial National Student Writing Competition. For more information, come see me, or check out the website: http://www.kentlaw.iit.edu/institutes-centers/institute-for-law-and-the-workplace/louis-jackson-writing-competition.

This is one of my favorite topics in employment law. We should have talked about it in employment discrimination, too.

MarketplaceAPM: Should employers be allowed to avoid hiring smokers? 29 states currently have “smoker protection” laws http://t.co/TNN22nfNEM #freakonomics

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Interesting data for my gender seminar

thenation: Black girls are more likely to be suspended from middle or high school than black boys or white girls. http://t.co/kG72Q0JULD

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Evidence of market failure?

metkelaw: Women Lead Few Financial Firms, Despite Getting Better Results http://t.co/XrhcsLNg

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RT @SCOTUSOpinions: “Prevailin…

RT @SCOTUSOpinions: “Prevailing party” for awarding attorney fees in 1983 action includes party receiving injunction, but no money. http …

Remember Thursday, Nov. 8, when I said that the congruence and proportionality test was a big deal in contexts outside of the 11th amendment sometimes, and then mentioned voting rights? Well today the Court granted cert in the Voting Rights Act case that gives it a chance to rule that the preclearance requirement of the Voting Rights Act (Section 5 of that act) is congruent and proportional to a record of constitutional rights violations in voting by states. For more, see the Scotusblog entry for the case: Shelby County v. Holder.

RT @Labor_Law: Tenth Circuit R…

RT @Labor_Law: Tenth Circuit Rules that ADA’s Title II Does Not Reach Employment Discrimination http://t.co/6H14tBCh | by @shermanhoward #HR

Great news after 2010! RT @how…

Great news after 2010! RT @howappealing “Voters retain Justice David Wiggins”: The Des Moines Register has a report … http://t.co/ij2MZiUS

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