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Monthly Archive for April, 2017

Employment discrimination

I don’t mean to leave employment discrimination out of the podcast fun. I’ve created summaries for the big frameworks or theories of discrimination: disparate treatment, disparate impact, retaliation, and harassment. They are posted in a folder under the “helpful extras” link on TWEN. I also have a podcast on the ADA there because it is […]

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More catching up

After updating and re-recording some of these, all of the podcasts are ready to be posted. The scripts for these are on TWEN in a folder under the “slides and helpful extras” link. Article I courts Federal common law, the power of federal courts to make law, or the law to be applied Supreme Court […]

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Catching up

Why does it seem like I’m always behind? I’m slowly catching up on podcasts now that the semester is over. Here is an updated jurisdiction stripping one.

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