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Here are the last two podcasts for employment law. Harassment

and Retaliation.

Here is a summary (blissfully short) for systemic disparate treatment:

and disparate impact:

If you have listened to my podcasts in the past, you might notice that these sound a little different. I did not slow down the playback, as I sometimes do. So if I’m speaking too fast, you might want to slow down your playback if you can.

And here is the first installment: Disparate Treatment

Professor Bodie was quoted in this interesting New York Times analysis of the NFL players’ rights to take a knee.

As promised, here is the audio podcast for the last unit we have focused on: employment discrimination.


And, bonus links about the NFL and standing for the national anthem:

Labor union files ULP against anthem threat

NFL rule change about standing for the anthem?

And another one about defamation in St. Louis (between businesses, but still employment-ish)

I keep talking about how many important civil rights cases have come from Missouri and from St. Louis in particular. BAMSL is holding a CLE to talk about four of them at the Missouri History Museum

Click here to register if you are interested.

Dignity & Voice

I’ve rerecorded the employee privacy podcast

and the employee voice podcast.

I owe my worklaw students apologies for being so delayed on podcasts. Scripts for everything we’ve covered since the last quiz except for discrimination are on TWEN, and the discrimination one will be available Wednesday. I still have to record the two new ones, but hope to have those available tomorrow.

In the meantime, there are just so many news stories related to our topics–here is a smattering of them and thanks to those of you who have been sending me links. I love them!

Former Hazelwood Principal’s Reverse Discrimination Case

DOJ Reverses Policy on Transgender Employees

Jemele Hill Suspended by ESPN for Violating Social Media Policy

Should You Fire the Charlottesville Protestors?

The Legality of Firing NFL Players for Protesting

Wisconsin Company to Microchip Employees

European Court of Human Rights Limits Employee Email Monitoring

Google Sued for Sex Discrimination

Harvey Weinstein Fired for Decades of Harassment

Weinstein Paid Off Accusers

There are lots of different articles on these stories, but these all lay out the basics on workplace privacy, voice, and discrimination stories in the news.

DACA Explainer

Although we aren’t going to really have much time to talk about the intersection of immigration law and employment law (it’s a big and specialized area), you might be wondering how the rescission of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program will work and what the consequences might be.

There is a great explainer at the Balikinization blog.

The oral argument transcript from the Supreme Court case I mentioned today about class action waivers as a condition of employment just went live. I haven’t read it yet, but I’ll likely have thoughts. And there are some experts among your classmates on this issue too! The National Law Journal, at least, suggests that the Court may be leaning in the direction of agreeing that these waivers violate the NLRA and the Norris-LaGuardia Act.

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