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The summary judgment motion in Liebesman v. Competitor Group will be heard tomorrow (9/28) at the Carnahan Courthouse, Division 500, 5th Floor. It is 9th on the motion docket. And here are some of the documents.

2015-05-11 Doc 35 Order-MTD Denied

Motion for Summary Judgment 1


Statement of Uncontroverted Facts 1


ExhA – Liebesman Depo

ExhB – Lemoine Declaration

ExhC – Plaintiff’s Interrog Responses

Here is the really short podcast on employee mobility:

As promised, I’ve updated the podcast on the public policy tort. This one’s pretty short, so it’s got that going for it:

I decided to wait until Wednesday to post the podcast for employee mobility since we aren’t covering that material until then. As a consolation prize, I’ve made a summary for today’s material even though I said in class that I wasn’t going to.  Here is the mass closings podcast:

We are nearly done with our third “unit” in employment law, and our first graded assignment is coming up in about a week, so it’s time for me to update and post my employment law podcast summaries. So far, I’ve updated:

the introductory podcast

and the employment contracts podcast

You should be able to listen by clicking on the play button, or right click (command click for mac users) the link to download or save the audio to listen through some other way.

I’ll try to update the job security through torts podcast early this week and post it.

And don’t forget — if you like reading more than listening, the written scripts are available in TWEN under the course materials link.

I think that streaming some of these podcasts can be tricky, and downloading may work better. So let me provide links that allow you to download. Right click (or command click for macs) and “save link as”:

Introductory podcast


Jurisdiction stripping

Article I courts

Supreme Court review


Federal common law

suing government actors



I don’t mean to leave employment discrimination out of the podcast fun. I’ve created summaries for the big frameworks or theories of discrimination: disparate treatment, disparate impact, retaliation, and harassment. They are posted in a folder under the “helpful extras” link on TWEN. I also have a podcast on the ADA there because it is different enough that separating it out makes sense. The scripts and recordings are a couple of years old, but the content is still true, so there really didn’t need to be any updating.

Disparate Treatment (right click these links to download)

Disparate Impact




After updating and re-recording some of these, all of the podcasts are ready to be posted. The scripts for these are on TWEN in a folder under the “slides and helpful extras” link.

Article I courts

Federal common law, the power of federal courts to make law, or the law to be applied

Supreme Court review


Suing state and local government actors


Catching up

Why does it seem like I’m always behind? I’m slowly catching up on podcasts now that the semester is over. Here is an updated jurisdiction stripping one.

Hey all. I’ve started to update podcasts for this class, and I have two ready to post. The scripts are on TWEN under the slides and helpful extras link in their own folder. And here is the audio:

Introductory podcast


Here is abstention:

And the downloadable version is here.

And here is the podcast on section 1983:

downloadable here.

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