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Counting Mixed-Race America Grows Ever More Complex – NYTimes.com. This is highly relevant to our consideration of race in employment discrimination.

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More civil rights

This originally appeared in February of 2010: Why is it that now that I don’t teach civil rights anymore I see all of these interesting civil rights cases? Here’s one about malicious prosecution. In Parish v. City of Chicago, the Seventh Circuit reaffirmed prior precedent that had held that malicious prosecution cases under § 1983 […]

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John Grisham’s off the hook

This originally appeared in January of 2010: This has nothing to do with my usual subjects, although loosely it’s related to civil rights and con. law, but this is an interesting opinion from the 10th Circuit. As you may know, John Grisham wrote a nonfiction book published in 2006 about a wrongful conviction. He painted […]

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